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I am a leading e-consultant providing customer referral services to my clients. My experience with a broad range of clients over time has allowed us to develop and leverage a system to gain new customers for virtually any product or service organization. We like to work with clients whose revenue over the lifetime of a new customer is in excess of $1000. We like for a successful client's return on investment (ROI) to be 4 to 24 times their investment in a 6 month period.

With, prospects contact you directly.  We do not use gimmicks or bait-and-switch techniques like some well-known Web referral companies like HouseValues. We do not operate a referral portal that allows prospects to choose between you and your competitors like ServiceMagic or the Yellow Pages. We believe that you should benefit directly from your investment without a middleman deciding the fate of your prospect.  We do not solicit prospects through email or telemarketing.

Our system uses intelligent profiling to attract prospects as they browse the Web. Once attracted, those prospects may contact you directly. As a result, the prospect's predisposition to using your products or services is quite high.

To meet our mutual goals, your referral program must be effective. Therefore, we are moderately selective in determining clients for a territory.

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Greg Landrum, Founder & CEO

How we get referrals for you
We create a profile of your ideal prospect in our system. Then, we use that profile online to attract prospective customers for you. As a prospect is online within our network of 40,000+ websites, we have the ability to know what they are doing, when they are doing it, and where they are geographically located.

For example, let's say you are a Real Estate Agent and the owner of a million dollar home is online right now in your city reading an article about "residential property values" on the Web. This is a prospective customer we would definitely want to introduce you to.

So in the article, we place a link to introduce you to this prospect. When the prospect clicks on the link, they are introduced to you as they arrive at your website.  If you don't have a website, we'll create an introduction website for you.

From that point (again, because their motivation is high and predisposition is strong), they'll phone or email you. The ratio of phone-call-contact to email-contact is typically 5:1.

What GregLandrum IS

  • GregLandrum is a referral generation system for business & professionals
  • Our job is to deliver prospective customers to our clients
  • GregLandrum has delivered $300,000,000+ in referrals to clients across the US since October 1998
  • GregLandrum has yet to have a client give up a territory that followed our system

What GregLandrum is NOT

  • GregLandrum is not a telemarketing or direct mail firm that solicits disingenuous or leading responses from prospective customers.
  • GregLandrum does not use spam or e-mail solicitation to generate prospects.
  • GregLandrum is not a lead list service that sends you 100+ leads of junk leaving you to dig for new customers


What We Do

We get new customers for our clients from the Internet using proprietary, proven methods.
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