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Service Summary 
GregLandrum is expert at finding you referrals from online sources.
Our service virtually introduces you to potential clients with a predisposition to using your services based on the online content they are reading or a search they have just performed.  It is the virtual equivalent of noticing what a person sitting next to you in a coffee shop is reading - and you handing that person your business card.

Our turn-key service makes Internet marketing instantly efficient and productive for you. Our clients enjoy the value of exposure to prospects that are reading online content that relates closely to the service our client provides. If you would like similar exposure, then we can help you.

What we offer:

  • The know-how to spend your advertising & marketing dollars well.
  • Immediate access to a cost-effective online advertising program.
  • Elimination of the hassle & learning curve required to self-administer your own advertising program.
  • Better results at less cost.

What we do day-to-day:
Our system compares the `profile of your ideal prospect` to `online content` as a web page is requested. When there is a match, we place a link in the content. When the prospect clicks this link, they arrive at an `introduction page` where they are introduced to you. From that point, we expect them to pick up the phone and call you, send you an e-mail, or visit your website if you have one.

If you are a Chiropractor and a person in your area is online reading about `lower back pain solutions` or `choosing a chiropractor`, then our system would confirm their geographic location, recognize what they are reading, and `introduce` them to you. 

The problems we solve:

  • Most professionals that self-advertise online have no clue how to do it efficiently, competitively or cost-effectively.
  • Advertising sites have a financial incentive to be vague with you about cost-control, distribution, and fraud.
  • Most self-advertisers give up within 4 months after wasting thousands of dollars.
  • Most self-advertisers spend 3x times more than our clients with fewer results.
  • Most self-advertisers waste more than 65% of their budget on:
    • Fraudulent clicks.
    • Inefficient keywords that are too broad and too loosely targeted.
    • Clicks out of their geographic service area.

Validation and Results:
After you get a client or two and our service has been validated, you will be like most clients and continue with us for years. However, it is unclear exactly what results you will experience in your specific territory before we try. But, because you make a decent amount of revenue on a per-client basis, one referral within a few months will put you well ahead of your costs. Thereafter, working with us becomes a simple ROI proposition.

What We Do

We get new customers for our clients from the Internet using proprietary, proven methods.
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