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If you want to cut through the clutter of how to get new customers from the Internet, you've come to the right website. 

If your business type is in the list at the bottom of this page, we guarantee that you'll get a cost-effective program to get you new customers. 
What We Do.
greglandrum.net brings you new customers from the Internet.  We use a proprietary, proven system to make effective use of the many advertising options on the Internet. 

Your account is not our experiment, it's our validation.
  You are not the first in your profession that we've served.  By the time you've heard about greglandrum.net, we've long since proven our science with other professionals just like you.  After 8 years, we've served 100's of other businesses  just like yours.

It's not about where you advertise online, it's who you're in front ofYou could be at the top of every search engine and website  that you think is important and still fail in your marketing efforts.   We're more attentive to having you in front of the right people that indicate to us a high predisposition to needing you.

Our clients understand that their prior attempts to self-advertise on Google and Yahoo wasted their time & money.  They wasted 65% of every dollar.  Creativity without solid experience wastes time and money.  Our clients get our 8-years of experience up front - saving them from the complexity and cost of self-advertising. 

Tapping into the predisposition and location of your desired customers is key to Internet success.  When cleverly observed, a person's online behavior indicates to us the likelihood of them needing your services.  And, if they are physically located in your service area, we introduce them to you.  They pick up the phone and call you, or email you directly. 

Combating the 4 forms of click-fraud is paramount to smart spending.  Nearly all of our competition and self-advertisers are fully unaware of the 4 forms of fraud.  Not knowing the 4 fraud forms or how to mitigate the impact can take 65% right off the top of your advertising budget.  We know how to deal with it.  When you call, we'll tell you more about it.

We use proprietary behavior analytics to match prospective customers to you.  A variety of content online is open to us that makes it easy to get new customers for you... articles, publications, search engines, blogs, newsgroups, pay-per-click (Google, Yahoo, MSN), etc.    However, the content people engage is more important than the website where they read it.  We put you in great content irrespective of where it is published.

Why risk your money with us?
Every new client we've had has asked the same question.  If you are comfortable taking a reasonable risk and you trust that our angle make sense to you, we're confident in our ability to perform.  Ultimately, the money you make will confirm that the risk was worthwhile.

Fixed monthly cost.  Month-to-month service.  No term contract.   We earn our clients' business month after month.

Your reward will be a multiple of your investment.  Our clients typically enjoy a return-on-investment (ROI) of 4 to 25 times their investment over a 6-month period. 

What We Do

We get new customers for our clients from the Internet using proprietary, proven methods.
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